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thailand porcelain inlays

porcelain inlay thailand

Thailand dental inlays
Dental onlays Thailand

Porcelain inlay and porcelian on-lay (porcelain fillings) Ceramic inlay and ceramic on-lay (ceramic fillings)

The size and shape of a porcelain inlay or porcelain on-lay is similar to the filling. Porcelain inlay or porcelain on-lay is fillings procedure that is made of porcelain or ceramic and will lay or fit into your tooth or teeth.

Porcelain inlay/on-lay is much more durable than white filling. Fillings are often reducing the strength of your natural tooth but porcelain inlay/on-lay can actually help and increase the strength of your tooth. They are an alternative to fillings or crowns, because they can provide support to your healthy tooth structures and prevent further decay and help preserving healhty teeth.

The process of fabricating porcelain inlay, is more similar to fabricating a crown, They are both made in a dental laboratory to precisely fit with your tooth structure.

thailand ceramic inlay onlay




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